Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! and other random ramblings

Hello all!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!
We have been packing here. Yes, again....the home we are renting was sold and we have opted to move out prior to our lease end date.
Ronnie, Kyle and I have chosen a home to rent for hopefully the next SEVERAL years.
It's a tiny little house in a neighborhood that's kind of down the mountain and across the street. I am thrilled that we will be staying in Fernley!

On another note...Christmas is a month away--CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???

I love the weather here in Nevada. I just absolutely LOVE it. The cool, crisp, dry air, the clear blue, cloudless sky, the WARM sun--the sun is SO warm here.

My best friend, Lisa is in South Carolina tonight! She was actually able to go to Detto's bootcamp to have Thanksgiving dinner with him tonight!!!! I am so happy for her and the kids.

Ronnie has taken a temp job at Amazon for the holidays. His foot is really bothering him though, so please say a prayer for him about that. He has also decided that next race season he is going to move up to the next class which is called Pro Stock. I still am unsure as to how I feel about this, but I support him completely.

Kyle is gearing up for the Christmas play at church. They only have a few more weeks of practice before the production. It's titled "Mayhem in Bethlehem". =)

Well, I'm off for the night.
Love to all!!! Goodnight!

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