Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on our lives...

We LOVE Nevada!!! It is so unbelievable. Trying to describe it is like trying to describe the ocean to someone who's never seen it. It isn't possible. In our front yard we have some pretty lily's or tulips or something coming up. They are as green as green gets! It's nice to see green here :)

Kyle and I are plugging along in school. He starts writing paragraphs next week! I have purchased most of his curriculum for next year already! I have been so blessed in finding wonderful prices for these items and I have met two other homeschool moms from the homeschool group here! Next year we are studying the Prairie's a complete literature approach to the Laura Ingalls Wilder series!! We will actually experience life as they did back in those times.

We have also started our History back up for this year and are currently learning about Leif the Lucky. Hayleigh is doing this with Kyle and Kyle LOVES that!

The guys have been having "Monster Garage" in our garage for the past couple of weeks. They have built a doonbuggy and named it "Psycho Billy"...because it is just one but them is allowed near the dangerous thing. It's death waiting to happen, lol.
Also, they have been building--yes, building--a locksmith truck. They are naming the business here "Bumblebee Lock & Key" and painting the truck black and yellow. They have COMPLETELY disassembled a pickup, got all kinds of fenders, beds, etc from other vehicles...they are sanding and welding and stripping everything. Eddie had built a brand new race engine and put it in the truck...these guys are crazy-but Ronnie is LOVING, LOVING, LOVING IT!!

Hayleigh and Cody both got 4 wheelers a couple of weeks ago---for FREE!!! so the guys have also been working on those. There's a track out past our property line that we have permission to use, so Kyle's been riding his dirtbike and the other two riding their 4 wheelers over there. Of course the daddy's have to be there riding too. :)

We have been shopping at Sam's Club and have been saving lots of money on groceries. In 14 days we go through 8 gallons of milk and 10 loaves of bread! Can you believe that!! ;)
We also have some deer meat, elk meat and antelope meat in our freezer from an Indian who is close friends with Eddie....I am siked about cooking that up!

Well, that's the short version of what's been going on in our lives...feel free to email or call if you want to chat more!
Love to you all,

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