Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Science Experiment gone awry!

So we have been doing a Unit study on Oceans.....it is SO much fun!!! Here is one of our experiments: Is it easier to float in fresh water or in the ocean?
Kyle's hypothesis was that it is easier to float in fresh water. He explained that he made that educated guess b/c with the oceans currents and the waves it would be very difficult to float in the ocean. (I explained that the experiment is to test if both bodies of water were still...which would be easier to float in).

The procedure was to fill a glass with water and another with man-made ocean water (stated as 2tbsp of salt for 2 cups of water).

Then you put an egg in it and see which one it floats easier in.

Fresh water

salt water

...no floating!

So we decided that maybe we didn't have enough water! we upped it to 4 cups....

 more water=more salt!
 still nada...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm...sooooooooo...i thought....well maybe the salinity ratio is off...so i dumped a CRAP-TON of salt in the "ocean water"
....still no floating egg!

THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN we re-read the procedure and question...easier to float in....EASIER TO float in....

 We found that while stirring the water, the egg in the salt water had more buoyancy...it bounced and popped around while the one in fresh water just thudded to the bottom and stayed at the bottom easier.

The winner is..SALT!!

LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyle saying "SALTWATER WINS!!" boo-ya!

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Lisa said...

I love his face on the conclusion!