Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilt Fever 2011 Quilt Show Part 2!!

Here are more photos of the quilt show in Orlando last weekend!!
I loved how they used yo-yo's to make these lil flowers in the pots!!! Such an adorable quilt!

This was a breath-taking piece of art. So much detail that you truly had to see it to believe it! Fabulous!!!! AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLE!

I thought this was a neat idea. Antique quilts in a glass case!

Never saw a sewing machine this small!!! You turn the crank to make it sew!! NEAT!

Another Bargello quilt!!!! This is the type I am thinking of doing for Ronnie.

Reflection quilting! You cut the same piece about 5 times and piece it so it forms a reflection!

Lisa and I bought the book to make this quilt last year! Another one on the "to do" list ;) It's called "Underground Railroad"



Loved this one with all the white!

WOW!! red work...amazing...close-ups below!

Stayed tuned for more!!! I'll try to fit the rest on one post...if not I should def be able to do it in two ;)


Lisa said...

This was sooo much fun! I am loving looking at all of the pictures again! :)

Joanne said...

Thanks so much for showing all the beautiful quilt show photos!♥

Anonymous said...

Looks Like fun! I like the one with a bird on it. I hope you are all doing good.