Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilt Fever 2011 Quilt Show Part 1

Last Saturday Lisa and I went to a quilt show!!! It was sponsored by the Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! This was my VERY first quilt show!!!
I will need to break these pics up into several posts, as I have hundreds of photos!

My bestie, Lisa collects tea pot fabrics! This was SO cute with the little hankies!

This piece was AMAZING! It has quite a bit of machine embroidery on it!

The center and paisleys are all embroidered and so they end up being raised.

I LOVED this miniature! I never would have thought to put that bright orange in there and those stem pieces are SO tiny!

LOVED this paper-pieced flamingo!! Reminded me of the recent DQ I did to represent the state of Fl!

SO pretty!

NEAT pumpkin!!

LOVED this!

Celtic...I don't particularly care for it, but Lisa does ;) This is made using bias strips.

Look at this Log Cabin!!!!!!!! WOW!!  Lovely color values!


such a simple pattern yet so beautiful!
one of the demos!
paper-pieced New York Beauty!
Loved the use of yo-yos!
This piece was simply unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

more Celtic

Stay posted for more!!

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