Thursday, March 4, 2010

division......and other random things going on in our life

division?...seriously? at 8??? Wow. Amazing. Kyle is so incredibly smart that it just boggles my mind!
Well, not much going on today...we have completed our 2nd grade math and are moving onto 3rd! He is very excited about this accomplishment! Naturally, so am I! Go Kyle!!

We have a field trip we'll be attending Wednesday to the Wilbur D Museum...for "Animal Grossology"...this one is going to be FANTASTIC! I love that Ronnie can attend all of these with us now. It's wonderful to have him along!
Monster Trucks on March 14th!!! Shhhh! This one is a surprise for Kyle. He LOVVVVVES monster trucks......and it doesn't hurt any that Daddy does too! =)

Well, we had to postpone our ski we're trying to figure out when we can go. The boys have decided that they want to do the snowboarding portion of the lesson, instead of skiing...I'm SCARED!!!

I picked up Kyle's portraits last night! These we did as a kind of less serious pose since his last ones were "school" pictures. I wanted him to be in his glasses, since the last ones were in contacts. He has a very mischievous look on his face....I just LOVE it! That's my Ky!

We are also in the second phase of planning our camping trip to Yosemite. We are VERY excited about this! We will be going sometime after July15th...not sure exactly when yet, as the park sells the campsites in blocks and the next set of 4 months doesn't open up for reservation until March 15th. They are completely sold out through July 15th and expect July 15th-October 15th to sell out all in the same day they open them up!! Crazy! We cannot wait to go though!!!!!

With spring coming we are planning to go visit the American River. It won't be like our last trip there though! Ronnie wants to take Kyle and I to experience this while it is at its most roaring, deafening state. He and Eddie went last year as the snow melt was pounding through and he described it as "absolutely crazy". The power in the water is amazing.

We are planning our's strange here though... I've been talking to local farmers and you can't plant most crops until May!! or even June some said. That's more like a summer garden to my Florida mind! We'll see...I have MUCH better soil here than we had up in the Highlands, so hopefully we'll have a nice, healthy, abundant garden ;) My niece is very excited to help with the garden this year again! Almost every time I see her she "reminds" me to call her when I am ready to start! cute! =)

FYI: We are tentatively looking at October for our next trip to Florida. Ronnie has chosen the month, which means it could change! ;) All three of us will be coming this time, THANK GOD! We plan on definitely going to the beach and Rock Springs! Who knows what else....we want to see all our family and friends and be able to spend some good, quality time with you all!

We are all three signed up for the Disney Give a Day, Get a Day volunteer program! We each have to make two blankets for children and then we receive Disney tickets! Ronnie told me that if he is going to make blankets that he wants to sew them...the tie ones are too easy he says...silly man! Kyle is sewing his Downy quilt for for this (which is completely seperate and independent of Downy) he wants to tie his two's him working on one last night!

I love that he is WANTING to volunteer, it's not one of those "you have to do this" things. I went online and showed him pictures of children in the hospitals receiving quilts and blankets and read to him their situations. It's really teaching him empathy and thankfulness.

So...there's the update on our upcoming about you? What do you have planned? Or hope to get planned soon? Muah!! xoxo


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