Friday, April 17, 2009

Quilting update!

Nancy has begun sewing her fabric together for her very first quilt!!! Today I will show her how to thread the bobbin and machine and off she will go! She finished cutting her fabric last week and has already sewn her rows to assemble her 9 patches. She is using a beautiful array of Moda fabrics!
I, on the other hand, have been working on a series of purses/totes. I have made some Mother's Day gifts, two little girl rag top purses and have begun another.
I am going to be starting my Quilt-a-long next week. it is a 12 week project and I am really excited about it. Lisa and I cut and organized all 12 weeks before I left Florida, so all we have to do it sew and iron!!
I am also thinking....yes, Lis, thinking....of doing a postage stamp quilt. They are phenomenally beautiful and made up of thousands of little pieces of fabric. It is definitely a scrap buster quilt. I plan on looking through my stash for a little extra inspiration later today...I will upload pics of the purses later!!! Love to all!
OK, Here they are:
Rag-top child's purse

Other purse:

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