Friday, April 24, 2009

My boots are here!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO thrilled!!! My new Merrell hiking boots are here! YAY! These are the ABSOLUTE BEST hiking shoes! They are specifically designed for women. I am SO excited. They are called Merrell Chameleons. Look!

Well last night we made and canned Apple Jam and Applesauce. Here are some pics of the Apple Jam:

Kyle drew a picture and he said it was all of us driving cross country. The things on the road are Daddy and Kyle in the big moving truck, Miss Lisa and Mommy in the middle vehicle and then Uncle Jimmy in the third vehicle. The swirly looking thing on the bottom is a tumbleweed. Above are some cows and Kyle said that this is in Texas, lol. SO CUTE! I had to share. Especially since my child is not artistic by nature...if he has to color something for school he colors it all one color just to get it done as soon as possible, lol.
Well, I threw my back out last night...not just a little either, I did it BAD. The good thing is that I spent most of the day downstairs sewing and got SO much done! I got all my blocks sewn into rows for MY quilt. Now all I have to do is sew my rows together and sew on my border and my top will be done! YAY!

Today is the last official day of Spring Break. Monday we start school back up and go through until summer. The children are having an "End of Spring Break Celebration" tonight! They built a fort in the living room and are camping out there together tonight.

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