Friday, April 17, 2009

Abandoned Mine and Ghost Town

So...I finally found the pics from February when we found this old abandoned flourite mine and a ghost town that was called White Cloud City back in "the day". Here are the pics.
You can see some of the bats from where we went back into the mine. You will also see the slides from the mine and remnants and portions of some of the buildings still in White Cloud City. There are even two partial stone buildings left. One of these was a house and one was the stamp mill/smelter where they would melt down the things from the mine. We found lots and lots of slag from the smelter.
Oh....and in one of the pics you can see where Serendipity could only make it so far up the mountain. We went the rest of the way in the Nitro and then went into the mine on foot.

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