Friday, May 17, 2013

Out of Town Teaser!

Well, I am out of town, yet again...this time, locally though...well relatively speaking! 
I have brought with me my Underground Railroad project! It's time for me to get caught up with all the lovely ladies who are participating from Lisa's Quilt Circle! I am feeling especially inspired after being out in North Carolina and visiting a church that was a congregation of freed African Americans back in the Civil War days. I also read through the entire meaning of the URR quilts on the drive home. It was so intriguing and inspiring that I can't wait to get my hands in my fabric!

I have several days to do almost nothing but sew! HOW GREAT IS THAT!

Last weekend our lil family had an absolutely AMAZING time in the mountains of North Carolina with friends of ours, Regina and Gary Bushee.

Regina and I went to the "Airing of the Quilts" festival in Franklin, NC while Ronnie, Kyle and Gary went gem mining! They got a TON of gems! The largest one, when cut, is worth about $800! Kyle found one that when cut is worth $500! And they found LOTS of different types of gems. They had planned on doing a couple of other things that day but were enjoying the gem mining so much that they ended up playing in the dirt ALL DAY :o)

Regina and I enjoyed browsing the quilts in the lovely mountain air of downtown Franklin. We stopped in at this shop and that...including a book shop that had 4 cats in it!
We were also blessed to meet the author of the book 'Barn Quilts', Suzi Paron, (and get it signed!) and see several along the mountain roads! (I got lots of pics!) You can read Suzi's blog HERE if you are interested! I LOVE this concept and am planning on starting a quilt trail in Mount Dora! The hard part is choosing which block to put on my home!

You can check out details about the Airing of the Quilts festival HERE if you'd like to see what it's all about!

Sunday we all went together to see a BUNCH of waterfalls....we had a picnic lunch outside and the weather was PERFECT!

I will be breaking our trip into multiple blog posts...but unfortunately my pics are all on my pc at home :/ So....all I can do for now is post this teaser!!

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