Friday, August 5, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: Friday, August 5th 2011.

Outside my's dark but we had LOTS of lightening earlier and a friend of mine told me her kids saw a tornado on Lake Eustis during those storms! whoa!!

I am thinking...that I want to make my Doll Quilt partner a different doll quilt. I'm not pleased with the HST one.

I am thankful...that God really is in control!

From the learning rooms...a few more weeks til school starts. Kyle is already asking for Math and Reading and Science...geesh...we'll start the day after Labor day as normal and of course...the first day of school is always a field trip!

In the kitchen...I made lasagna for dinner but we didn't eat it! About ten mins after I put it in Ronnie said "let's order pizza, I'm starving!" So we did...and we now have a cooked lasagna in the fridge to heat up for lunch tomorrow ;)

I am wearing...pj's! (I never really have to change this one, lol)

I am creating...a new doll quilt bc I don't like the one I made. I want to do a barn bc my partner this month likes farming. If it goes well and isn't too difficult I will throw together 6 more blocks of the barn and add them to the funky farm swap. I am thinking of finishing the quilting on the quilt I made earlier in the year for Grandma Ruth-John's Mom. (It was the pink and green one). I've quilted ALL of the pieced blocks but want to do some fancy stencil quilting in the solid squares.

I am going...nowhere tomorrow! It was supposed to be beach day but bc of the tropical storm, we had to cancel. Ronnie rented a Bobcat and we'll be doing the backyard tomorrow.

I am wondering...If I should sew tonight or just go to bed. I'm actually tired!

I am reading...I am onto story 2 in "The Knitting Diaries"by Debbie Macomber), "A Turn in the Road" also by Debbie Macomber and Lysa Terkeurst's "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God".

I am hoping...that Ronnie can get everything done tomorrow in the limited time he has :/

I am looking forward to...having the empty side of the pond filled in although Kyle and his buddies strongly disagree-that is their play/fort area ;)

I am hearing...Kyle and his friend (who is staying the night) exclaiming about some part of "Pirates of the Caribbean"...cute :)

Around the house...clearing and leveling the back yard and installing a sprinkler system. We also mulched the front beds and plan on trimming hedges this weekend!

I am pondering...whether I should go to bed after I type this...or if I should see if I can get into sewing.

One of my favorite things...My new rose bush. I am not typically a rose-y person I like wild flowers and gardenias and daisies and jasmine...but I LOVE my new rose bush!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Kyle and Ashton want to do laser tag...we'll see. If not then roller skating for them again for sure-they love it! Night 2 of Beach Bash is Wed pm. I have a chiro appt mon, wed and fri ;( and I am sure we'll end up at the movies or something friday night....maybe Fun SPot in Orlando.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...the barn I am wanting to make.

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