Friday, May 7, 2010


Here is the condensed version:
We moved across country-back to Florida!!
-The trip was horrid, BUT....I can't complain b/c God's hand was in every situation. He kept us from accidents, tornados, etc....but at the time, it was just very very frustrating.
-I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new home. ROnnie and I are actually thinking of buying it! I love the area we are in....we're only a few blocks from downtown and it is so beautiful here! My backyard is like a little mini park. Lots of shade, a HUGE oak tree, a pond with a little bridge and a fountain. My back patio is dynamite. Neither the home nor the neighborhood leave anything to be desired. It's PERFECT!
-Boomerang 2.0 has started!
-We only have 13 teaching days of school left until we complete almost ALL of our curriculum!! I am SO glad that the move didn't put us behind! And....we are already into part 2 of Ky's 3rd grade Math....I am slowly getting over my annoyance at this....SLOWLY. (If you don't know what I can pm me and I will respond :) )
-It has been GREAT to see everyone here! All of our friends and family have come out of the woodwork! I love it! We have had dinner guests 3 out of 5 evenings this week!!!
-Ronnie's bday is tomorrow!! <3 <3
-I am takingover the children's ministry at my church and am SOOOOOO excited. I miss my kids from CCF in NV SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I can't wait!
-VBS here is the SAME as VBS in NV!! Yay for High Seas!!!!
-We are going on a picnic today down on the Gilbert Park!! Can't wait!
And.............. Lisa just called (it's 7:20 am here...I love that we can do this now!) her and Alyssa are coming over right now to birdwatch with me in the back yard!!
I will try to break down some of these bullet points into actual blogs with photos soon!
I have some incredible pictures from the road trip--and some not so incredible ones too, lol.
If you go over to Lisa's blog....she has posted somen photos already!! Her blog address is:
here. PLEASE let me know if this link does not work!
LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!
P.S. I'm not spell checking this post, so I apologoze in advance for any errors!! ;)


Lisa said...

Thanks for the hot tea... Maybe next time the dogs wont scare away all of the birds!! We will have to try for an EARLIER start... if that's possible!
Welcome to Florida and WELCOME HOME!!

Lisa said...

absolutely!!! no later than 6 AM IS THE BEST TIME to start!!!!!!!!!
I will set the alarm so sissy and I can get up early Monday am!