Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Anniversary! What a busy weekend!

We have had SUCH a busy, busy week!
May 8th was Ronnie's 32nd birthday, May 9th was MOther's Day and my best friend's 12 year wedding anniversary!
It's been fun though!
We spent Saturday around the house with Ronnie working on the pond most of the day.
Sunday we went to church and then to my Mom's house for Mother's Day. John's mom was also there and my mom's best friend and her children came also!
Then Sunday evening Lisa dropped Stephen and Alyssa off to stay the night!
The kids have had a BLAST playing together!
And....we ate fudge cake for breakfast this morning!! hee hee lol.
Here are a couple of pics of the children...and some of my pets enjoying their new home!

Pillow fight!

Building a roller coaster

Watching movies

building another roller coaster!

I love my peaceful backyard.

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Lisa said...

Thanks again for watching the kids so Detto and I could go out to dinner and then enjoy a quiet evening at home together! It was so nice!