Saturday, December 29, 2007 to blogging

Ok, so here we are...signing up for a blog website, lol.
With so many things going on in everyone's life, it truly is a way to stay up to date and in touch--as well as a really cool way to journal!
Christmas is over.....the rush of the holiday is gone.....thank God--forgive me, but is anyone else sighing relief at this knowledge? New Year's is around the bend...and then we have a break til Easter.........phew.
Well, lots of life changes to reflect over as I look back at I went from a working executive at 50+ hours a week making tons of money to a stay at home mom who homeschools her child and is learning to sew and knit...and living on a really tight budget, lol.....and I LOVE my life now. I wouldn't go back for the world!
I am thinking up a few resolutions...reasonable ones that I can keep.
Well...enough for the first blog, I guess....we start school back up Monday! I can't's been a long two weeks off and we are ready to get back into our routine.
Love to everyone....I'm excited about this blog thing! Write if you want! :)

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Cheryl said...

ok, well this is the second time around.. lol i was going to say you have to show me how to do all of this but then it had the steps.. well we will be rockin' in the 08 with our technology. lol
love you always mom